All the things that went down when I wasn’t blogging

All the things, all the things happened when I wasn’t blogging, most of these deserve and will get their own full blown posts at some point but I figured I’d give y’all a nice little synopsis.


1) I had a damn kid. I GREW a person, and that tiny person was cut out of me. I had never been admitted to the hospital before in my life, I’d never had surgery before ever, so apparently I decided to go big for my firsts for those.  The first night we were home with him I also had my very first panic attack. Not a little panic attack either, a sitting on the floor cause I couldn’t stand up and couldn’t breathe and couldn’t move panic attack cause HOLY SHIT THEY LET US LEAVE WITH A PERSON, a person who was now completely and totally dependent on us for everything. Sure I’ve managed to keep pets alive, but I’ve also been unable to keep plants alive and this little  person was unable to do anything for himself, including holding up his own head or letting me know what exactly it is that he needed when he needed it. Which is more like a plant than a dog, and as mentioned, I’ve killed a lot of friggen plants.

2) My dear father LOST HIS SHIT. All his shit, gone. Like made the news shit leaving, and not just local news, friggen MSNBC , news. Some of you probably heard/read/saw the story and though, man that dude is f*cking crazy.  Internet posts abound on a variety of sites, people called, people pestered, we’re still cleaning up the legal/financial/emotional messes he made for us with all of it. But on a positive note, we are no longer beholden to him. He made all kinds of choices that have freed us from his particular flavor of crazy, and at the end of the day sister-dear, mini-mommy and I are finally free.

3) After a decade at the same job, I left it. I have a new way less stressful job that allows me to work from home and stay with the tiny dictoddler all day. It is awesome, I am happier for it, though I do miss the daily interactions with my former co-worker family.


4) I lost some friends, gained some new, had some friends (more than I would ever imagine) go through some pretty serious and life altering things. Some things were good, some not so much at all, but they have all been amazing and strong and I am lucky to call them friend.




Sup y’all

I know, the spinster chronicles went away for a while. There were marriages, a kid was born, shit got all crazy and hectic. However the domain name has been renewed again, perhaps some of the old readers are still out there and y’all have been awaiting the return of a slightly foul-mouthed blog full of random thoughts and crazy life experiences. If not and you’ve happened to stumble upon this little corner of the internet then welcome. Hope you enjoy it :)